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Holly Brown


Thanks for this post. I have tried vegan fondant several times, first with the agar flakes, and later a couple times with powder. I always have the problem of flecks of agar that are in the final product. The last time I did it, I followed the time-consuming directions I found on another blog, that had me standing over the simmering agar/water mixture, stirring it until it looked like everything was dissolved (about 10 minutes). I was so hopeful, but I still had the fleck problems.

When I use fondant, it is usually for a cake someone is paying me for, so I am currently using Satin Ice, but would much prefer to be able to use a higher-quality homemade fondant, so I don't have to charge so much extra for the cakes (also because of the superior flavor, of course!). Your picture is large and high quality, I couldn't see any flecks. Have you ever had this problem, or do you possibly know what I could do differently? This is where I found the last recipe: http://www.missionvegan.com/boozy-pirate-cake/ I used the white version. Her recipe doesn't seem that much different from yours. Thanks so much for any advice you can give.


Janet Hudson

Hi Holly,
I use agar agar powder...not the flakes. The flakes will leave flecks. Try letting the agar sit a little bit after you see that it is dissolved and then stir more while it is still warm.
Patience and practice will send you rewards!
Happy baking!

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